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Summit Group Advisors (SGA) exclusively works with Presidents or CEOs in engagements of three to five year's duration, providing strategic planning assistance and what we call, “long-term, part-time executive support.” Because the nature of our relationship is typically broad-ranging, intense, intimate and thorough we have found this to be the most successful way for clients to receive their appropriate ROI multiple for their strategic planning & SGA investments.

SGA pro-actively supports the execution & accountability of what your leadership team has said they plan to accomplish.


Summit Group Advisors will assist you in developing a strategy that corresponds with your long range goals. Then we will provide the tools you need to successfully deploy that strategy, transforming your goals into reality.

•  Accountability Structures
•  Board of Director Creation
•  Business Development Methods
•  Business Structures
•  Divestitures
•  Ethics
•  Policies & Procedures
•  Process Improvement
•  Quarterly Reviews
•  Strategic Planning


Summit Group Advisors specializes in “long-term, part-time executive support.” We have found this to be the most successful way for clients to receive their appropriate ROI multiple and improve bottom-line performance.

•  Cost Savings
•  Focus
•  Human Resource Issues
•  Incentive Plans
•  Legal Matters – Management
•  Liability Exposures & Avoidance
•  Marketing – on a shoestring
•  Real Estate/Landlord Matters
•  Risk Management
•  Sales Commissions


Summit Group Advisors financial consultants will assist you with every aspect of financial management, from banking and budgeting to financial reports and metrics.

•  Banking Relationships
•  Budget Development
•  Budget Discipline
•  Cash Management
•  Checks & Balances
•  Estate Matters
•  Financial Management
•  Insurances Selection & Cost Reduction
•  Tax Efficiencies


Sustained, long-term growth is vital to your company's prosperity. Let the experts at Summit Group Advisors help map your successful future.

•  Acquisitions
•  Executive Development
•  Financing Growth
•  Information Technology Strategy
•  Leadership Training
•  Mentoring
•  Personal Development
•  Staff Development
•  Staffing Alternatives


“The older I get the less I listen to what people say and the more I look at what they do.”

-- Andrew Carnegie


“Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everyone can understand.”

-- Colin Powell


“There's a current of thinking today which says that because things are changing so rapidly, it's impossible to have a strategy. All you need is to be agile and react to immediate change.

That is wrong.

It allows someone else to determine the constraints under which you'll operate. Organizations with a strategy will set the terms of competition.”

-- Alvin Toffler


“All individuals have the will to win, only a few have the will to prepare to win.”

-- Bobby Knight


“High expectations are the key to everything.”

-- Sam Walton


“To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day.”

-- Winston Churchill

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