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Strategy-to-Performance Gap SolutionSM.

Every company has goals; most companies have a strategic plan of some type to achieve their goals. Quite often though, there is a pronounced gap between the formulation of strategic objectives and the attainment of those goals. A strategic plan without corresponding strategies invariably fails. You must have a strategic plan and a performance strategy for its success.

ANNUAL objectives and action plans.

We will assist you to create strategic objectives in alignment with your long range goals and develop an actionable plan with measurable objectives.  

A plan-driven organization

Summit Group Advisors will guide your team in the integration of strategic objectives with their daily activities so that thinking, acting and accomplishing the company's long-range goals is not something in addition to their job—it is their job.  

Performance measurement

We will pro-actively support the execution and accountability of what your leadership team has said they plan to accomplish.

With your team's commitment and the continuity of our focused support, typically your strategic goals and objectives will be achieved ahead of schedule.

Summit Group Advisors will help you grow your business and increase your bottom line.

Beneficial Reading

Defining Moments
- Joseph L. Badaracco, Jr.

Good to Great
- Jim Collins

Often Wrong, Never in Doubt
- Donny Deutsch


“ Long Range Planning does not deal with future decisions, but rather with the future of present decisions.”

-- Peter F. Drucker

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